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Content Marketing

Highly researched and polished white papers, e-books, long and short-form articles, website copy, social media posts, and infographics. From evergreen to trending topics, the content is crafted with the right balance of SEO keywords and insightful storytelling that connects target audiences to relatable information.

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Thought Leadership

Full range of high-quality authoritative content and initiatives aimed at building influencer relationships with industry decision-makers. This includes webinar content and video scripts, symposia presentations, expert interviews, key opinion leader advisory boards, and audience research to inform marketing objectives.

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Medical & Payer Communication

Evidence-based, expertly written clinical, economic, and managed market communications that convey value messaging, unmet medical needs, and market access and reimbursement challenges. This includes peer-reviewed articles, value proposition development, needs assessments, educational curricula, and digital and print nonpersonal promotional tools.

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Integrated Marketing Campaigns

Branded and unbranded multiplatform, multichannel initiatives designed to convey consistent product and brand messaging through websites, mobile apps, email, live and on-demand channels.

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