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Examples of My Work

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Strategic content on innovations in cancer treatment and diagnostics

This includes a wide range of feature articles, white papers, and social media posts on cutting-edge topics in cancer research and therapy such as—

  • Breakthroughs in cell and genomic therapies

  • The use of biomarkers and predictive analytics to improve treatment outcomes

  • Targeted therapies and the patient journey in metastatic breast cancer

Content marketing campaign on the role of healthcare technology in detecting patient deterioration

A year-long series of web-based articles for a major medical technology manufacturer on the role of mobile devices, digital platforms, and artificial intelligence in helping clinicians detect the signs of deterioration in hospitalized patients. Topics include--

  • Remote and electronic communication in the care continuum

  • The challenges of data privacy in connected healthcare

  • How machine learning and artificial intelligence can assist in treatment decision-making

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Care delivery and the business of healthcare

My portfolio includes a wide assortment of patient and care delivery content ranging from the latest health and wellness updates to health system efficiency to peer-reviewed journal articles. Content includes—

  • Application of PACE Principles for Population Health Management of Frail Older Adults

  • Answering patient questions about X-rays, MRIs,  and CT scans

  • Effectiveness of early lung cancer screening

  • How disease treatment pathways can reduce variations in patient care

Multi-platform program on emerging trends affecting the U.S. healthcare landscape

A 3-year program aimed at managed markets and health policy decision-makers that involved creating content for videotaped expert panels, webinars, and print and digital collateral, with the goal of providing C-Suite executives with trending information on health economics, policy, market access, and reimbursement issues.

Multi Platform Program Content Writing




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