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About Me

Shelley Reich Content Writer

I focus on translating the complexities of the healthcare industry and
ecosystem into a range of strategic communications for clinicians, payers,
C-suite executives, and patients. Over the years I’ve honed my strategic
acumen and subject matter expertise in advertising, content marketing, and
medical and managed care communications settings, as well as working directly with biopharmaceutical and healthcare companies. This
experience—plus my passion for healthcare writing—enables me to create

content and copy that is informed by the latest research, communication
channels, and technology. Every white paper, webinar, and integrated
marketing campaign I develop is true to the brand voice, audience, and messaging.

Whether it’s an article covering groundbreaking therapies for rare diseases,
a blog post on Medicare reimbursement, website copy for a new product
launch, or a review article on cybersecurity in the era of digital healthcare, I
can research and write it with creativity and precision.

My academic credentials include a master’s degree with a concentration in
Health Policy and Management from the University at Albany and a
bachelor’s degree in English, cum laude from Colgate University.

I spent nearly a year on countless projects for a major healthcare corporation with
Shelley, and I can say with certainty that she is one of the finest content creators I've
had the pleasure to work with. Always on point with her articles and materials (both
knowledge and capabilities), she has a knack for writing about even the most complex
healthcare and technology subjects and making the content accessible to the reader.

Customer Success Manager, Content Marketing Company

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